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All about us

The VespaScout idea comes from my life path and my work.

My first vespa with whom “ I made friends with”, was a special 50 that my uncle gave me as a gift on my 14th birthday and from there on my love for vespa’s was born!!!

I learned to drive it,  taking care of it especially with my hands especially when it always played up!! and ever since this my way has never  left.

Since then we have never been apart…

After studying Economics and Marketing and working for three years in the motor  industry in Italy, Istarted this business about 6 years ago in Germany.

I moved to make an experience abroad and there VespaScout was founded.  A few months after my arrival. I visited Austria, Switzerland and Germany and was directed purely for the passion and admiration a myth I thought  as the Vespa  aroused other people in the world.

Back to Italy

I decided to open VespaScout, a place that combines passion,professionality and a perfection in Vespa restoration and Vespa searchesfor every customer. The first restorations, the first sales, the first raduno’s (rally’s) and the first markets.

A year ago I finally decided it was time to return to live in Italy and restore Vespa’s in my homeland, in Emilia Romagna, The “Land of Motors” in the place where my idols and old glories… MUST RETURN TO SHINE….




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